So, a little about me… i’ve been in the BDSM scene for about ten years. i started out young and very naive.

i was very curious and began to try to open up vaugely with my first “BDSM” partner. i don’t know if it was my inexperience and age or his, probably both.. or maybe he was just a sadist and didn’t know to ask for consent in depth. i still wear the scars on my legs from the rope. i’ve forgiven him, and now i wear the scars as a medal almost, looking back.. i barely knew this kid, i could have died from any number of the things that had been done that day. i survived.

That’s one of my biggest reasons for sharing my self, my most private life with you all. What about the ones that didn’t survive?

The idea that there could be another curious yet naive submissive out there longing for these experience frightens me. There are wonderful, caring and experienced Dominants out there, and there are a lot more predators and novices perhaps with too much ego to admit it.

i’ve decided to share and be open about my journey to encourage others to as well (I feel like most submissives feel the urge to share like this at some point in their journey) i want to be someone a novice submissive can ask questions or read my posts, in hopes that perhaps they can avoid the physical and emotional trauma that i have.

i don’t have all the answers, but i have my experiences.


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