Journal 1 – 10 Things your Master needs



i read this post not that long ago that really got me thinking. If you’re not ready to think like your Master, if you aren’t always thinking about His needs and best interest then you are just a very selfish submissive and deserve every whiping you get and you will never get collared. A one sided way of thinking you say?

i chose this. He accepted.. my job is to serve Him, in any and every way He has told me to, it seems like a lot once you get into a D/s relationship. And what is He doing anyways? Bossing me around and ordering His cock sucked just perfect? i started to feel taken advantage of for a small touch. my thinking was one sided, “i do all of this for you, and i get nothing in return” this thinking started when He changed my sleep schedule about a month ago. Oh my god i was fucking pissed after day two.

To make the situation a touch clearer we have a son together, he’s very small and still has an irregular sleep schedule, sometimes waking up at 6am, sometimes, like today, waking up at 10am. my Master goes to night school and works nights on weekends. The time frame in which we get dirty is from the time He gets home till He’s ready for bed which can sometimes stretch till 2am. Hence why i was so upset when this new protocol was established. It basically made me a walking zombie. And I felt He was doing this because He just didn’t feel like waking up and letting me sleep in.

His job is to teach me, to give me morals and structure. He is there to take control when i don’t know what to do or won’t do what i’m supposed to, this is a very difficult job esspecially when trying to do it with me.

The post i read that sparked this post was enlightening, and i came to realize i hadn’t thought it through. I made the mistake i do so often, and i kick myself for it later.

There’s always a reason, and if there isn’t a reason it’s just not visible or been voiced. So, i started trying to think like my Master, for what purpose would he give me this horrid sleep protocol, other than personal gain cause that’s not how my Master is.

i’ve been taking online courses to start my own business, and when we move to a house… which is not even a month away, i will be starting that business up.. which means i have to wake up early, I can’t sleep in.. and my Master knows me so well that He knows i need at least two months to resemble anything remotely human after there’s a change to my sleep schedule.

How do i know that’s why He has put this protocol in place?

Because i know Him, and i thought like He would. It’s very important to think not only of your Master’s needs but also to think like your master so these things, like what happened with me, don’t keep happening. i simply have to trust that He has my best interest at heart, and would never do something without reason.

Here’s the blog post i read, It relates vaugly to my realization… If you want an opinion from a Dominant on what They need, it’s fantastic.

i’ve also enjoyed reading some of the original author’s writting, you can find the link to that fetlife account in the post if you’re interested.

happy spanking!


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