Journal 5 – Breath play


ATTENTION: breath play is EXTREMELY dangerous and can be fatal. 

i’m going to be talking a little dirty today… you can ask my Master however, i’m not the best at dirty talk ha.

i’ve always been a gasper. When my Husband and i went on our first date, i made Him aware of this. And ever since then He has toyed with breath play throughout our marriage, which i’ve enjoyed and greatly appreciated.

The breath play He has done for me has been great, always just a little choking here and there. Just enough to keep me happy all these years but not enough to give the full affect. 

If you’ve ever experienced breath play you know exactly what i mean when i say it just isn’t the same as choking, Breath play is so much more than just choking. It’s a completely different level of feeling. 

 Last night, we were doing our usual nightly play, He was going over my BDSM checklist (see my post “Chapter 1 – In the beginning”). The list goes over breath play. 

i had tightened the ropes around my chest on the breast cinch this time, it gives a lovely look to them, pulling them closer together. Master made a point to express how much He loved this, showing me His physical reaction and verbally telling me. i made a mental note to do this from now on. i made sure He knew doing it this way limited my ability to breath much like a corset, He responded,”well you are a gasper”. 

Lately i have been focusing my technique in the matters of oral for my Master, it’s an unspoken preference of my Master that every so often i try out new tricks and skills i’ve learned or read about (i can just tell He likes it). i’ve also been working on being a better submissive, as per usual.

When i went down on Him I felt something very wonderful, usually i’m focusing on not puking and sucking his cock, this night was different. i felt Him, i felt Him throbbing, i felt His pulse. In that moment looking up at Him i felt more intimacy than i have ever felt between us. And the feeling of Him inside my mouth was almost, if not equally, as good as feeling Him inside me. i would have been quite thrilled to just stay there all damn night. 

But we did have sex, and it was fantastic. He put His hand on my throat squeezed a touch, i nodded to let Him know it was okay and He settled His weight on my body, i thought nothing of this, He commanded me to cum so i did and then He took me by surprise. 

As i came I could feel the pressure in my head grow, i couldn’t feel my body anymore only the clouds, the warm fuzzy feeling right before I fall asleep and the most amazing gushing string of orgasms flow over His beautiful cock. i may have briefly passed out He released but did not move His hand, i gasped for air and my eyes flew open, His face was torn from pleasure to a sudden look of, “are you okay” mixed with “did i go to far?” and i began to laugh, His face relaxed (yes! of course i laugh during sex it’s healthy! sometimes before/during orgasm too… not sure if that’s normal lol)

In sum, I quite enjoyed that night. i’m glad my Master has began to give me something I’ve wanted for a very long time and i’ve fallen in love with sucking His cock :] 


2 thoughts on “Journal 5 – Breath play

  1. Reblogged this on forever ♡ hayven and commented:
    I love this post by @throughtheeyesofaswitch!
    This is something that my D💗ddy and I have been researching and playing with for several
    months. Until my D💗ddy and I experimented, I did not know I enjoyed breath play, now it is something that brings both my D💗ddy and I great joy and excitement as well as connecting us. My D💗ddy loves how willingly I submit to him, how much domination and aggression it provides him. I love when my D💗ddy has his hand around my neck and is on top of me, I can feel the weight of his body, look into my D💗ddy’s eyes as he slides his beautiful dick deeper into my pussy. Breath play has become something that has brought us closer together. We are now trying to be more creative and experiment with different positions as D💗ddy restricts my breath. One of my favorite experiences happened recently as D💗ddy and I were having anal sex and D💗ddy was able to restrict my air…I came so hard on my D💗ddy’s dick!


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