Psychological punishment

Tall, Dark and Dominant

If my submissive acts out or misbehaves or fails to remember her daily task, I believe more in psychological punishment than something physical. Why? Because I think something raw and mental is far more effecting than a fierce spanking. It depends on the person’s taste for pain though. Do they find it a turn on? If so, then spanking would only increase said arousal, which in turn would lead to the submissive deliberately acting out to get more of it. If the punishment is arousing to either of you, it’s not really a punishment then, is it?

But to take away their collar for a few have them stand in the corner of a room for an hour, with the blinds closed and them utterly naked and lost in their own thoughts…that is far more effective. AND it will give the submissive time to think. They can mull over…

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