When i just want a break from 24/7

i woke up today, made my Master coffee after letting Him sleep in. After He left for work, I looked around this tiny, yucky, dark,  “evil lair” (my preference to the traditional “home”) my son quietly playing with his new Legos and i realized i just don’t want to.

i turned on god module, opened the windows and poured myself a cup of coffee, snacked on Reeses. i have been sitting here for an hour now. Doing nothing. Surfing the internet between helping and hanging out with our son.

i looked around the house before starting this post. There are three loads of laundry to be dewrinkled and put away, the dishes need to be washed, bed cleaned and made, floors need to be cleaned.. I need to wash my hair and wax, I need to start packing. i just don’t want to do it. Any of it. 

i don’t want to be punished for not doing it. i’m just so tired. I need a break. i need a nap. I need to go to bed early tonight. The coffee isn’t helping. My son, bless his little heart is being so calm and unneedy.

How can i do this? How can i get the energy? i feel so selfish right now.


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