Are you wondering when your Dominant is going to get you that collar?

Maybe it’s been weeks, maybe months, some of us it has been years of waiting for a confounded collar.

i’ve been sitting quietly reading for that past bit, the move is finally settled down, but i haven’t been in the mods to write lately. i finally got frustrated enough by some things I was reading that i’ve gotten the umph to rebuttle.

i see a lot, and when i say a lot i really feel it’s 95-99% of submissives are either bitching about not being collared, dreaming about being collared or asking when they will be collared.

i’m going to answer this by asking you submissives wondering when, is this commitment you made to submit about the collar or achieving unfettered submission? 

If you’re constantly worried about a collar your never gonna get one. The goal of submission is not the collar. If you want that collar so badly work on submitting yourself fully which means you should be giving up the “when” of your collaring to your dominant.

It’s about trust. And you ninnies are basically saying you trust this person enough for them to discipline you (some of what i’ve read has been brutal) but you don’t trust your Dominant to give you a piece of leather at the right time?

Anyways, the house is wonderful. So much light, i’ve been working on the dungeon, it’s a decent size. It’s all painted and cleaned up but there are little things i need to finish up, hooks and finding joists. 

Master has been very busy with work, and when He isn’t working He is gardening or working on the house. It’s lonely for me right now, but i know His efforts are all for our son and i.


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